First SwiftLadies Meetup + My First-Time To Speak In A Tech Event

by - Monday, February 26, 2018

What is SwiftLadies? How did I get here? 

SwiftLadies is a global community of Lady Apple Developers. It began in Manila and hopefully, it will spread around the world.

Swift PH is a community of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS developers in the Philippines. It started in July 2017 in Manila.

Without further ado, how did I get here? I joined the Swift PH (Manila, Philippines) Meetup group around September last year (2017). But I haven't attend any meetups since then due to my busy schedule. I just participated this January of 2018.

What motivated me to join this group is my desire to socialize with my co-developers, who love programming as much as I do. Also, I want to contribute something to the community. Let me quote something:

Learning is a never ending process. I want to be part of the community to learn and to share something even though I'm already a working professional. :)

From SwiftLadies Facebook page

I'm very happy that I became part of the 1st SwiftLadies meetup. It was my first time to speak in a public tech meet-up composed of around 30 people. I did learn from them and I do hope that they learned also from me. 

Thank you so much! :)

From SwiftLadies Facebook page

How about you? Are you interested? Join the future meetups and see you there!

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