Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sunnies Specs Review: Reagan in Rose Gold

My vision is getting worse because of constant exposure to gadgets (computer and phone). I had 50/75 vision when I graduated college year 2012 until year 2016. I had my eye checked last February 2017 and I was shocked when I learned that my vision was not 50/75 anymore instead I have 100/100 vision! It's really shocking but I just accepted the fact. Imagine sitting in front of the computer and working for 8 hours or more. It's really given that I will have this grade.

I took prescription lenses from a certain optical clinic (I don't want to mention though) but unfortunately, it didn't last long. The frames got broken easily. For the record, this specs is my 4th eyeglasses for a span of one year. 😅

Without further ado, I decided to get a prescription eyewear last January 2018 from Sunnies Specs because I want to take care of my eyes. I got it from Alabang Town Center branch because it's near from my office.

All of the lenses are multicoated (anti-glare, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and has UV protection) for the price of Php 1,999.00. But you can upgrade your lenses for a certain price. If you have constant exposure to gadgets, you can opt to upgrade it to Screen Safe. If you like to have a sleek and light lenses, you can opt to upgrade it to Ultrathin. If you want to have a double function (eyeglasses + sunglasses), you can choose to upgrade it to Sun Adaptive. If you want the frames to handle the strains, you can avail the High Impact.

What I love about Sunnies Specs is the eyewear styles are so trendy and very lightweight. They have different styles based on your face shape. How cool, right? I chose Reagan in Rose Gold because I have a square-shaped face. 

To check out the best and right pair for your face, check out this link from Sunnies Specs - Facebook Account.

Having an eyewear without ruining your style is a must, right?

Update: As of August 2018, I'm still wearing the glasses and it's still in perfect condition. Hoping it will lasts for long. I will update you after a year. 😀

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

How about you? Get yours now! :)


  1. Nakakita ako ng reviews na hindi matibay ang sunnies specs kaya I'm having 2nd thoughts. Mukha naman bang okay?

    1. Hi Trisha! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I can't believe that it's durable kahit manipis yung frame. This is my longest specs to date (since I started to wear eyeglasses). :)