Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday, December 06, 2019

Birthday Celebration: Hard Rock Cafe Manila

Hard Rock Cafe has a special place in my heart since 2014. We used to dine in at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore previously, in 2014 and in 2017. They offer mouthwatering food, collection of memorabilia displays and cool live bands, which make them unique and special.

Fast forward in 2019, celebrating an amazing birthday night out at Hard Rock Cafe Manila was one of the highlights of my birthday. 

Here's what happed during my birthday last August...

The ambiance is world-class and family-friendly. The lights are not too dark and not too bright. It's just right.

Even my family didn't book a reservation, we were able to secure seats at the front.

There's a rock band that performs every Saturday at 8:00 pm. On my birthday, Highway 54 was the scheduled performer. Take note that there's a surcharge fee, which costs Php 195 per person if there's a performer or a band.

We looked forward to the music of the live rock band while savoring and enjoying our dinner. My mom, my sister and I ordered Grill Pork Belly, marinated and grilled pork belly, pico de gallo and garlic rice, which costs Php 395. My dad ordered Grilled Norwegian Salmon, which costs Php 675.

If you are fond of collecting souvenirs, they also have souvenir shop, which is located at the entrance of the restaurant.

Have you been to Hard Rock Cafe? How's your experience?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lakbay Museo : Travel Around Philippines in Two Hours!!!

Last month, my birthday month, I brought my family to a memorable and exciting experience. I chose to visit a museum because I believe its importance, which is to "strengthen the foundation of the family". It's also an ideal place to learn and explore the country's cultural and natural heritage.

Good thing! There is Lakbay Museo in the metro, which offers a unique concept and experience.

» Lakbay Museo «

Lakbay Museo is a newly opened Philippine-themed interactive museum, which offers 14 unique Filipino experiences in 11 destinations within Philippines. Owned by the makers of Dessert Museum Manila and Happy Beach Cebu, they put an attraction that caters Filipino heritage, festivals and exhibits from Luzon to Visayas and to Mindanao in just 2 hours.

» Booking Procedure «

You can book this attraction online (on their website), which costs Php 699 for weekday rate and Php 799 for weekend rate. You can also drop by and walk-in, which costs Php 799. It is also available online via Klook and Metrodeal, which costs both Php 599. And also in Travelbook, which costs Php 595.

Take note that children ages 0 to 2 may enter free of charge. The facility is also wheelchair and stroller accessible.

The admission ticket comes with 12 chips, which you can use to buy different goodies or food inside the museum. You can also purchase additional chips on site for a certain price.

» Attractions «

After you redeem the admission ticket with chips, you will be given a Filipino sarong, which you will wear in the whole duration of your visit. 

To enter the main facility, you have to give 3 tokens and choose between the three portals: pass through a jeepney, slide from an aeroplane  or step into a vinta.

After sliding from an aeroplane, we also took photo-ops inside the jeepney because it's one of the main attractions.

As we arrived inside, there's a mini village with sari-sari stores around the corners selling Filipino products all around the Philippines.

After the photo-ops, we head straight to the one of the highlights: the Filipino cultural show! The staffs performed Filipino traditional dances wearing indigenous attires, which took around 15-20 minutes. They would invite guests to dance with them, which I also participated in a short while.

After the performances, we stroll around the area featuring Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

» Luzon «

» Region I. Ilocos Region «

» Region II. Cagayan Valley «

> Payuhwan Festival of Batanes <

» CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) «

> Ifugao Kadangyan <

> Panagbenga Festival of Baguio < 

» Region III. Central Luzon «

> Barasoain Church of Bulacan <

» Region IV. Southern Tagalog «

> Pahiyas Festival of Quezon Province <

» Visayas «

» Region V. Bicol Region «

> Mayon Volcano and Casagwa Ruins of Albay <

» Coral Triangle «

» Mindanao «

» Souvenir Shop «

After the 2-hour visit, you can opt to purchase photo packages and other souvenir items such as bayong, pearl necklaces, ref magnets and etc.

» Info «

Address:                        Level 1 S Maison Mall, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila
E-mail Address:   
Nearby:                         Ninoy Aquino International Airport (10 minutes away from airport)
Private Vehicle           Google or Waze "Conrad Hotel Marina Way Mall of Asia Complex"
Open from:                   10:00 AM
Open until:                   10:00 PM
Last call until:               9:00 PM

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 

» Overall «

I love their unique concept, which promotes Filipino tradition and culture. I also awe about their vision to raise environmental awareness. We noticed that most of the displays were from recycled materials.

It's also a great bonding for families and child-at-heart. I recommend it to everyone. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Family Short Travel Guide: Cebu and Bohol, Philippines 2019

The Philippines is an island country of Southeast Asia. It is well-known for its beautiful white beaches and rich natural resources, attracting thousands of travelers everyday. 

For this mini travel guide, I will share you the two of the most visited islands in Visayas region, Cebu and Bohol.

Cebu City, the capital of Cebu province is the oldest city and the first capital of the Philippines before Metro Manila.

Bohol is the one of most picturesque province of the Philippines. Why? It has a rich and colorful geographical features such as mountains, rivers and islands. You can travel by land to see the famous Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and see the world's smallest primates, Philippine tarsiers. You can also travel by sea to get a tan at white sand beaches or see the breathtaking underwater diving spots such as Balicasag Island.

» When To Go? «

Summer season (March - May) is the best season (but peak season) for Cebu and Bohol. Tourists from different side of the world flock to this side of the country to warm up and soak the sun.

Cooler season (November - January) is also the best season to go there if you want to enjoy sunny days and cooler nights. It is also less humid time of the year. Opt to travel by January to witness the colorful Sinulog Festival.

On our case, we choose to travel March 30 to April 2. I considered this as one the best travel month because it's not yet crowded and tourists are just starting to flock.

» How To Get There? «

There are few airlines offering a direct flights from Manila to Cebu / Bohol such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia.

To travel from Cebu to Bohol or vice versa, you can choose to ride a fast ferry - OceanJet and SuperCat. The trip takes two hours (one way) with several departures daily.

I will share my experience riding on OceanJet on my next blog post.

» How Long To Stay? «

We stayed only a night in Cebu, which was a bit short for me because we failed to explore the whole province. However, we enjoyed Bohol more because we stayed there for 3 days.

If you have a week of spare time, I suggest to stay in Cebu for at least 4 days and to stay in Bohol at least 3 days.

» Where To Stay? «

It took time us time to choose the best hotel for our family trip. On our case, we checked-in at Happy Beach in Cebu. Here's the link of our Happy Beach trip. 

For our Bohol trip, we stayed in Panglao area:
  • Hotel Casa Teofista
  • Blue Ocean Bohol Beachfront Resort

» Things to Do «

Here are the activities we did on our 4 days / 3 nights trip:

  • Lunch at Rico's Lechon

  • Soaked the sun and overnight at Happy Beach Cebu

  • Witnessed the beauty of Cebu's bridges connecting Mactan Island and Cebu City: Osmeña Bridge and Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

  • Rode on a ferry boat from Cebu Port to Tagbilaran Port.

  • Spotted the smallest primates, Philippine Tarsier.

  • Observed the beauty of Chocolate Hills.

  • Discovered the dark-side of Bohol, Man-Made Forest.

  • Caught the glimpse of Loboc River.

  • Attended Sunday mass at Baclayon Church.

  • Enjoyed the dolphin-watching at Balicasag Island.

  • Relaxed in the spectacular sandbar of Virgin Island.

  • Tasted the famous creamy ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm.

  • Savored the night life in Panglao Island.

You can check my blog post about our Bohol countryside and island hopping tours here.

Note: There are no affiliate links on this post.

Have you been to Cebu and Bohol? Share your experience.