Ramen Nagi Alabang Branch Review

by - Sunday, September 09, 2018

Ramen Nagi is one of the most famous restaurant in Japan, established by Ramen Master Chef Ikuta Satoshi in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2006. They also have branch in Hong Kong and popularly known as Butao, after its popular signature ramen. The Manila franchise was opened last December 2013 and now they opened their Alabang branch last August 2018 (last month).

I love the Japanese-style vibe outside the restaurant but the place inside is a bit small. I preferred to go with the group. 😀

The kitchen is open-space so you can actually see how they prepare the ramen. How cool, right?

Without further ado, I had a taste of their famous original butao ramen. Take note that during the peak hours, the restaurant often gets full so be early. They don't take reservations and only accepts walk-ins. 

A bowl of ramen is a bit pricey but it's worth it. Here are the ramen options:
  • Butao King (Php 390.00) - original
  • Black King (Php 410.00) - garlic and squid ink
  • Red King (Php 410.00) - spicy
  • Green King (Php 410.00) - basil and cheese

What I love about Ramen Nagi is you can customize your ramen by filling out the order slip. If you don't have any idea on what to get, simply check the "Chef Recommendation" box.

Here's what I ordered, Original Butao King:


Take Note: They do not allow leftover or takeout so finish your order right there. 

Overall, me and my officemates enjoyed our ramen. Ramen is a great comfort food for a cold weather, right?

How about you? Have you tried their Butao King? Share your experience?

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  1. Loved the Black King! Super rich soup base :)

  2. Ahhh, yes. I've been wanting to try Ramen Nagi since they opened in ATC - just waiting for someone to go with me haha. It is a little pricey, but they had this promo where you'd get one for free if it's your birthday! :)