Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

How To Go From Incheon International Airport To Downtown Seoul?

There are several ways to go from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul.
Disclaimer: Since we were just only 2 girls and we were first time in Seoul, we took Airport Limousine Bus for hassle-free travel. We didn’t find any problems when we took a ride with it. Good thing, our hotel is near in Airport Limousine bus stop at Myeong-dong Area. :)

» Airport Railroad Express (AREX) «

Image courtesy: Airport Railroad Co. Ltd,.

AREX operates two trains: the Express Train from Internation Airport to Seoul Station and the All Stop Train that services 11 subway stations.

Express Train will take about 43 minutes going to Seoul Station, with a rate of 14,800 won. An All Stop Train will take about 56 minutes, with a rate of 4,250 won for adults, 3,040 won for the youth and 1,900 for children.

» Airport Limousine Bus «

Image courtesy: Incheon International Airport

Airport Bus is located next to Gates 4 and 9 inside the arrival floor (1F) and outside next to Gates 4,6,7,8,11,13 and 9C.

There are two types of airport buses: Deluxe Limousine Bus and Standard Limousine Bus. The first one operates non-stop or shortened routes to major destinations and have comfortable seats with more space. The rate to downtown Seoul is 14,000 - 16,000 won. The other one is more crowded with smaller space and more stops. The rate is 9,000 - 10,000 won.

On our way to Myeong-dong, we rode on Standard Limousine Bus since we are not in a hurry. Going back to Incheon International Airport, we rode a Deluxe Limousine Bus since we we didn’t want to be late on our departure.

» Taxis « 

If you find the two above hassle, just take a taxi. Exit the airport through Gates 4 and 8 only of the passenger terminal (arrival area), cross the street and go to the taxi stands (4D-8C). Caution: It is really expensive depending on your destination. :)

How about you? Have you travelled to South Korea? What mode of transportation did you take when you travelled from airport to your hotel? Share your experience.
Saturday, April 30, 2016

How Did I Book a Hotel Online without Using a Credit Card?

I am one of many people who don’t want to indulge on credit card. My Mom always reminds me that never, ever get a credit card. I’m also scared being in a position with many debts. That’s why when I heard that BPI launched BPI My ePrepaid Card and I’m also going to South Korea, I decided to get my own BPI ePrepaid Card.

I know it’s hassle to go to the bank and load this card but I need to do this in sake of not getting in to many debts. Hehe. 

Going back to the topic, here’s the process of how I booked a hotel online.
P.S. I booked my hotel in Seoul through Agoda. :)

» Step 1: Search for hotel «

Type your destination as well as indicate the date and how many guests will stay at the hotel.

» Step 2: Accessibility «

Search for a nice hotels that near in subways, bus stations as well as shopping area.

Take note: it’s good that you check also the rating of the hotel and the reviews. This is also for your safety. Ratings with 8 and above is good already. :)

I chose at Myeong-dong area because I want to stay near in shopping areas. :)

» Step 3: Budget, Free Cancellation and Perks «

Find a hotel with your budget range. Better to have a hotel that offers a free cancellation or pay later option.

I always book with Pay Later option and also Free Cancellation. I booked our hotel in Seoul with Pay Later option because I have time to save money. Hehe. 

For me, hotels within Php 5,000 / around $100 range is good already since South Korea is a First World Country and everything seems to be expensive.

» Step 4: Double-check «

Check the price first before paying. Do you think Php 35,000+ is enough for 7 days travel? If you are already sure, sign up or login to your Agoda account.

» Step 5: Pay Now or Pay Later? «

Choose from the two. If you are already have a fund, then go for pay now option. Don’t worry because you booked the hotel with FREE CANCELATION. So anytime you can cancel your hotel booking. Otherwise, go on to Pay Later if you don’t have funds yet.

Since I just have a Prepaid Card, put your Prepaid Card details.

This is just a sample only.

Then hit the BOOK & PAY LATER button! Hooray! You made a transaction! Make sure to pay your hotel before the indicated date. Check also your email for the payment details that Agoda will send to you.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I just shared my experience. :)

How about you? How and where do you book your accommodation when travelling abroad. Share your experience.