The Dessert Museum : Not Your Typical Museum

by - Monday, February 19, 2018

The Dessert Museum is a newly opened dessert-themed museum, which is composed of 8 mouthwatering rooms with sugar-filled happiness. You will surely feel like a kid while visiting the place. It was opened last February 10, 2018 and is located in S Maison (below Conrad Manila). Lo and behold, because you will feel very hungry and crave more for sweet desserts.

Are you ready???

A week after it was opened, we visited the museum. We chose the schedule around 8 pm - 10 pm. We booked it online and got an online price of Php 699.00 per person. If you prefer to walk-in, the price is higher, which costs Php 799.00. So I suggest to just book online to save more. 

Tip: Although it's pretty late (8 pm - 10 pm), I prefer our schedule compared to others because we didn't feel any rush at all. The closing time was 10 pm and we had enough time to enjoy the place. 

When we got there on our scheduled time, they looked for our tickets and we were given an electronic band to be used for claiming desserts. It was surrendered after we finished the tour. 

We had a tour guide and she started the tour with a brief introduction about the place.

For our first destination, we entered this Donut room:

My first impression was there's a real dessert to eat every designated room. I was expecting a piece of donut 🍩 to eat. Haha! We just spent around 15 minutes hovering the place.

Disclaimer: Be careful with the donuts because they were made of wood. :)

After the Donut room, we transferred to the Marshmallow room.

Don't worry because this time, they gave us a big marshmallow for the dessert. It was dipped in a chocolate fountain. It was the first dessert that was offered in the museum.

After around 15 minutes, we were instructed to choose between two rooms. What would you choose? NAUGHTY or NICE room ??? 

It's funny that it was just separated by color but indeed a joined twin room. The room is called the Candy Crane room. Here's the glimpse of what inside:

For the Naughty room, there's a room of balls, hearts and kisses. 

For the Nice room, there's a designated wall with words JUMP and FLY !!!

This time the dessert was a piece of macaroon. Just a piece of reminder that don't expect too much on the desserts, okay. The ratio is 1:1. So 1 piece of dessert per person. 

The fourth room on the tour was Ice Cream room filled with balloons. I'm not sure on what to call this room, though. The room was filled with balloons but the dessert given was a popsicle of ice cream. Me and my sister both chose the avocado flavor.

I was a bit tired and exhausted so I just took a photo of my sister and didn't bother to have mine. 😅

The fifth room however was just a simple Bubble Gum room. There was no dessert provided on this room.

Gummy Bears room filled with balloons and balls can be seen from the sixth room. The dessert given were a few pieces of gummy bears

After eating the colorful gummy bear candies, we went straight to Cotton Candy room. We were given a stick of cotton candy. 

The eight and last room was Cake and Pop room. We were given a piece of chocolate filled with sprinkles.

To summarize our post-Valentine sister's bonding, we enjoyed the place. But here's a piece of advice that don't expect too much from this place just like what I did. 😅 It would be better if they provided free desserts per room (because some rooms don't have desserts).

For more information, just visit

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

How about you? Have you been to this place? Share your thoughts!

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