Seattle CityPASS: Space Needle

by - Friday, April 17, 2020

My fourth day in Washington. I was very excited to continue my Seattle journey but unfortunately, the weather was not good. It rained the whole day. 😂 Hooray that my itinerary that day was all indoors! 

Without further ado, here's my Space Needle journey.

» Space Needle «

Space Needle, built in 1962, is the iconic observation tower and landmark in Seattle. It is located in Seattle Center.

A 43-second elevator will ride you up to the observation deck with glass walls. It also has the world's first revolving glass floor, known as the Loupe.

Going up gives you a spectacular view of Seattle.

» Admission «

Using Seattle CityPASS, the visitors are allowed to go for two visits within 24 hours: one during the day and one during the night. I made it up both during the day and the night. Just don't forget to bring your ticket for the second visit.

If you don't have a CityPASS, the regular admission of Space Needle is a bit steep. Below are their rates (as of April 2020):

Adult Rate (Ages 13+):     $37.50 / $59 (day/night pass)

Senior (Ages 65+):           $32.50 / $54 (day/night pass)

Youth (Ages 5-12):           $28.50 / $44 (day/night pass)

Child (Ages 3 and below): Free

Imagine the money that you will save from CityPASS, which only costs $100.

» The Experience «

There was a short line when I went there and I just presented my CityPASS mobile ticket at the ticket booth.

It wasn't my first time going up in an observation deck and it seems that my fear of heights was vanished. I love the view and it was an amazing experience!

The observation deck is located at the tower's top level (2nd floor) alongside with the cafe. The Loupe is located at the tower's top level (1st floor).

These are tilted open-air glass benches that give visitors a chance to have a photo that make it seems they are floating above the Seattle skyline.

SkyHigh Selfie

Souvenir Photo :)

Atmos Cafe
Sandwiches and beverages are available here.

The Loupe
The world's first and only revolving glass floor.

Souvenir photo :)

» Info «

Address:                    400 Broad Street, Seattle, WA 98109, United States
Open Hours:              Open 365 days a year. Hours vary by season.
E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:   (206) 905-2100

Have you been to Space Needle? Share your experience.

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