Airbnb Experience: Night Photoshoot in Pike Place Market

by - Thursday, April 09, 2020

I am getting compliments about my Seattle's photos in IG. As a first time solo traveler, it's really hard to capture a solo picture with a nice background. I wanted to capture my own special moment. 

I love to try the famous SweetEscape, a photography service that allows you to book a local photographer. I checked the rates in Seattle area and it's a bit steep, which costs USD 400 for 2 hours duration and 100+ edited photos. I appreciate the efforts of the photographers around the world and I know it's not easy, huh. 

I looked for other alternatives and did an extensive research. Oh well, I just discovered that aside from renting spaces (apartments, houses, etc) in Airbnb, you can now book photography services, tours, events and so much more. I started browsing through Airbnb Experiences and checked the most booked and popular photography service in Seattle. I found the Night Photoshoot in Pike Place Market and the rest was history.

» Night Photoshoot in Pike Place Market «

The photoshoot focuses on the host's favourite Instragram-able  spots in Pike Place Market. The photographer uses Sony a7ii and lenses for capturing awesome photos.

As soon I booked the trip, the host sent me a message regarding the shoot. It says that the shoot will start at 4:00 pm and lasts until 5:00 pm. He suggested to bring a jacket in case that it's cold and umbrella if it's raining. The meet-up location is located in 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA, where Starbucks is located. After a few minutes, Airbnb sent me a copy of my payment receipt.

About an hour before the meet-up, he sent me another helpful message with the confirmed meet-up time and place. He informed everyone that there were 3 participants  so make sure to go there at the exact time and place. He also reminded everyone to don't hesitate to send him a direct message if we have a few questions.

The shoot is mostly less than an hour but it varies depending on the number of people booked at that time. On my case, it lasted for an hour and we're just 3 guests: me and a couple.

According to the description box, it says that I'll end up a minimum of 40 edited photos sent digitally. But hey, I received 108 edited photos, which were terrific!

» Airbnb Experiences «

What's it's like to go on an Airbnb Experiences? Frankly, I was nervous to try it because I was a female solo traveler. I didn't let my guard down and just enjoyed the 1-hour time.

Cameron, the host and the photographer, is knowledgeable about the history of Pike Place Market. We walked all throughout the beautiful spots around the market. He's passionate about his works and did a good job.

I suggest if you will try the Airbnb Experiences, you should research carefully. I'm sure the level of experiences varies from host to host. Still, it's best to read reviews and make sure it appeals to you.

» My Edited Photos «

Beyond that, he was very professional and sent the photos a day after the shoot. Just like what I said, I received 108 edited photos. I would like to share a glimpse of my photos.

my photos in Instagram...

» My Airbnb Review «

By the way, I was his first Filipina participant. Here's the message I sent to him. If I would be back to Seattle, I would like to try the day photoshoot next time.

How about you? Have you tried Airbnb Experience? Share it down below.

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