Birthday Celebration: Hard Rock Cafe Manila

by - Friday, December 06, 2019

Hard Rock Cafe has a special place in my heart since 2014. We used to dine in at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore previously, in 2014 and in 2017. They offer mouthwatering food, collection of memorabilia displays and cool live bands, which make them unique and special.

Fast forward in 2019, celebrating an amazing birthday night out at Hard Rock Cafe Manila was one of the highlights of my birthday. 

Here's what happed during my birthday last August...

The ambiance is world-class and family-friendly. The lights are not too dark and not too bright. It's just right.

Even my family didn't book a reservation, we were able to secure seats at the front.

There's a rock band that performs every Saturday at 8:00 pm. On my birthday, Highway 54 was the scheduled performer. Take note that there's a surcharge fee, which costs Php 195 per person if there's a performer or a band.

We looked forward to the music of the live rock band while savoring and enjoying our dinner. My mom, my sister and I ordered Grill Pork Belly, marinated and grilled pork belly, pico de gallo and garlic rice, which costs Php 395. My dad ordered Grilled Norwegian Salmon, which costs Php 675.

If you are fond of collecting souvenirs, they also have souvenir shop, which is located at the entrance of the restaurant.

Have you been to Hard Rock Cafe? How's your experience?

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