Review: Asiana Airlines

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2020

I took Asiana Airlines during my trip to USA last December 2019 to January 2020. I bought the tickets a couple of months in advance. I was lucky that my dates fell during the winter season because I would like to experience a White Christmas.

Note: This review is for economy-class only.

» Asiana Airlines «

Asiana Airlines, headquartered in Seoul, is South Korea's second largest airlines. It is member of Star Alliance, the world's largest global airline alliance. Asiana Airlines is certified with 5-star airline rating for its quality.

» Asiana Airlines Philippines «

The ticketing office in the Philippines is located in Makati City.

Address:                    6F Salcedo Tower, 169, Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact Number:       

I didn't book online and went to their ticketing office to address my needs. The staffs were friendly and attentive.

» Baggage «

Those economy-class passengers travelling to USA are allowed to check-in two pieces of 23-kilo bags and hand-carry of one 10-kilo bag free of charge. For business-class passengers, two pieces of 32-kilo bags and hand-carry of two pieces of 10-kilo bag are allowed.

But for non-US routes, business-class passengers are still allowed to check-in two pieces of 32-kilo bags but for economy-class, only one 23-kilo bag is allowed to check-in.

» Check-In and Boarding «

Bring a print out of your electronic ticket itinerary and receipt because it may required to present it at the immigration and check-in counters. 

The check-in was pretty fast as long as you have complete requirements. When I was in Manila, the check-in counter representatives paid attention to my special meal request. They were attentive and coordinated well on the cabin crews. They also asked if I have few concerns.

Note: You can also check-in online or through mobile app for faster transaction.

The boarding gates opened at the exact time and there were no delays.

» Seating «

It was my third time to fly with a 5-star airline. I love the seat configuration of Asiana Airlines on the economy class. During my Manila to Incheon flight, it was all 2-4-2 instead of 3-4-3 seat configuration. I didn't feel squished and I had plenty of leg and table space.

On my way to Seattle, Washington, the seat configuration for economy class was 3-4-3 but it was okay because it's not too tight.

» Temperature «

I didn't feel any dizzy at all on my roundtrip flights. It was warm and very comfortable. There were less turbulence, too. Thanks God! :)

» Customer Service and Food «

The customer service was great. The stewardess even helped me on securing my bag in the cabin. Before the airplane took off, they also asked me if I have few concerns.

I have few requests on my food and I often receive my food before the others. Not sure though if it's part of their protocols. I often receive Yeongyang Ssambap, their special menu.

» Manila <Philippines> to Incheon <South Korea>

» Incheon <South Korea> to Seattle, Washington <USA>

» Seattle, Washington <USA> to Incheon <South Korea>

» Incheon <South Korea> to 
Manila <Philippines>

» Entertainment «

The in-flight entertainment was great. There were lots of movies, music, games and even documentaries.

Asiana Airlines also have videos promoting on-board exercises. I tried the seat workouts and I felt better.

» Amenities «

Passengers travelling to the USA will receive a pouch with slippers and a toothbrush set. They also provide ear plugs and blanket.

But for my Manila to Incheon and Incheon to Manila flights, it wasn't provided but it's okay.

» Overall «

I was satisfied on my roundtrip flights and looking forward on my future travels with Asiana Airlines.

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