Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Painless DIODE LASER Hair Removal at Skin Station : 1st session

Today, September 25, 2017, I purchased a Buy 1 Take 1 promo of DIODE LASER hair removal at Skin Station / Dermax Station Festival Supermall Alabang.

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I've known Skin Station clinic since 2014 (when I was still working in Makati City). The main branch in Gil Puyat is just a walking distance from my former office. I was very hesitant to try it before because I was afraid at that time. So I usually go to a waxing clinic to do my errands. The downside of waxing is you have to wait for your hair to grow before you do another waxing session. So it’s like an endless cycle and there’s no huge difference. I guess it's not worth your money even though it's cheap.

Back to the topic, diode laser hair removal became the new trend instead of cold waxing. I have bumped into many blogs about Skin Station's diode laser hair removal so I decided to give a chance to try it, why not? 

What is Diode Laser hair removal? 

Diode Laser features a longer wavelength compared to IPL treatments. It provides safer and deeper penetration into skin layer. The Diode laser is the best overall laser for all skin types based on long term use.

Inside the cubicle of Dermax Festival Mall Alabang

How it works?

First, the therapist will clean the area and shave your hair. Then, she will put a cold treatment gel on your underarm. Next, the laser device will be applied to remove your unwanted hair. It will take 30 minutes or more for the procedure. Then, the gel will be wiped off and will clean the surface.

After the Procedure

The therapist recommended a Post-Laser cream to be applied on your underarm twice a day for three days. It costs Php 220.

Does it hurt?

No! If you’re like me, who regularly goes to a waxing salon, it doesn’t hurt. I laughed when the laser hit on my skin at first. Luckily, I never felt any discomfort during my 1st session. The therapist shared to me that most of her patients experienced discomfortness because it’s their first time. 

How often should you go?

Every 6 - 8 weeks but my therapist suggested to take another session on my 6th week for better results.

How many sessions to take?

8 sessions or more is enough. But after your 8th session / first year, you must take their booster to prevent hair regrowth. 

Is it worth it? 

YES!!! I'm very satisfied on my first session. There's a huge difference even though it's just my first one. My next session will be on the 1st week of November.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I availed their service using my own money.

How about you? Have you tried their service? Share your experience.


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  2. I’ve had a great experience with Royal Laser clinic in Richmond Hill for my laser hair removal , Nancy is very professional and considerate with my needs and requests. I’m currently getting laser done by them, and they made sure I was comfortable and explained the process to me thoroughly which was great. It was practically painless which was a pleasant surprise! :) I am excited to see how the final result of my laser treatments will turn out!