My 8th Bucket List: Learn at Least 3 Languages

by - Sunday, August 13, 2017

One of my bucket list is to learn at least 3 languages. I'm talking about languages (read, write, speak) and not programming languages, which is my line of work. Haha. :)

Last July 2013 (4 years ago), I enrolled myself on a 40-hour Mandarin class. I studied Mandarin after my work (7 pm - 9 pm) every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Everything went well. I learned a lot from my classes but I wasn't able to practice or use it on my line of work. I didn't take another language class after due to my stressful work.

When I resigned from my work in Makati and decided to work in Alabang area, I decided to go back and learn new language. Last December 2015 (almost 2 years ago), I discovered an app that suits my interest. The app is named as "Duolingo". It is totally free but it offers in-app purchases.

Since I'm currently working in a French IT company, I started learning about French language. I'm not yet fluent to begin with but I can understand few words like "Bonjour", "Bon Appetit", "Femme", "Homme", etc. Here are some exercises that I did using Duolingo app:

My main goal is to practice once a day. I'm currently enrolled in French, Spanish and Japanese language courses. 

You can follow me here:

I'm planning to add more soon but I will focus first on the 3 languages mentioned.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I didn't own / code the app itself. I'm just sharing my own experience using this app.

How about you? Have you tried using the app? Do you also have an interest learning a new foreign language? Share your thoughts.

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