South Korea Day 6: Hello Kitty Cafe at Myeong-dong (헬로키티카페 명동)

by - Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Kitty was part of our childhood life. We usually watched Sanrio: Hello Kitty every Sunday when we were kids. Actually, I love Hello Kitty because of its theme's color, which is pink (my favorite color).

Without further ado, our plan for our last night in Seoul was to explore the Hello Kitty Cafe in Myeong-dong. It is located 3 minutes away from Myeong-dong MRT Station and from our hotel.

View from the Outside

Hello Kitty Myeongdong branch is located in the second floor of a building. Sorry I forgot the name of the building.

The Cafe

1. Instagram-worthy chairs 

2. Hello Kitty Displays (not for sale)

3. Souvenir Shop

4. Cute themed restrooms

The Food

There are plenty menus to choose from.

We just ordered different sets of dessert. Here's what we ordered:

1. Hotdog Set (Chilly, Cheese, Boston) - KRW 8,000

2. Bread Set - KRW 9,000

3. Waffle Set - KRW 10,000



Location: 28 Myeongdong 4-gil, Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

How about you? Do you love Hello Kitty? Have you been to this place? Share your experience.

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