Gold's Gym Alabang 1-Year Membership Experience

by - Sunday, April 02, 2017

The company I'm currently working with are conscious about well-being and health. One of the benefits of the company is a 50% off membership fee for one year after 2 years working with them, I grabbed that opportunity and enrolled myself along with my sister. Family members are not included on the discount but it's okay. :)

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Our membership package comes with 3 trainer sessions + 1 session for nutritionist. We failed to have an appointment with the nutritionist because of her/his availability didn't fit ours. Anyway, that's okay. We were able to finish our 3 sessions with our trainer but we didn't extend / purchase more because her availability didn't fit ours, too. And also, it's a bit pricey to purchase 10 more sessions with her. 

What I like about our membership package was we were able to enjoy our privileges to use the training equipments + group sessions such as zumba, etc.

Here's the Ladies' Locker Room + CR looks like.

At the end of our 1 year membership, we didn't enroll again. Why? Maybe because it's pricey. Nevertheless, it's a great experience to try out gym.

How about you? Have you tried to gym? If yes, where it is? Share your experience.

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