We Flied to South Korea With Air Asia

by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last year (2015), I booked myself and my sister to South Korea to fulfill our long-time wish to visit the "Land of Morning Calm". We chose AirAsia instead of other airlines because other famous bloggers like Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, etc. had a great experience with them. 

» How Did I Book? «

Booking with them was very easy. I booked online using my BDO debit card and after a couple of minutes, I received my itinerary on my e-mail.

You can also use their AirAsia mobile phone app to book a flight but I think credit cards are only accepted on the mobile app. I haven't check it though.

» Our Booking Details «

Our flight from Manila to Seoul was morning of March 1, 2016 ( 7:16 AM - 11:55 AM). Our flight back to Manila was afternoon of March 7, 2016 (12:51 PM - 3:58 PM).


» Check-in «

Checking-in was a breeze because you can use online or their mobile app to avoid long-queue at check in counter. For us, we chose to check-in using check-in counter but we didn't wait too long.

» Inside the Aircraft «

I was surprised about the size and cleanliness inside the aircraft. My sister and I was able to sleep well during our flight.

» Window Seat Perks «

We chose to seat near the Emergency Exit, which is located at the centre of the airplane. We didn't feel any dizziness during our flight. 

» Food and Services «

Because our flight going back to Manila was lunch time, we bought in-flight meals for our 4-hour flight.

My sister bought Bangus Sisig with Rice and a cup of hot chocolate. I bought Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice.

» Will We Book Again? «

Definitely, yes! AirAsia is the best budget airline that we've been to. 

How about you? Have you travelled via AirAsia? Share your experience.

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