A Beginner’s Hiking Guide at Mt. Pico De Loro

by - Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last November 15, my sister, my cousins and I climbed the famous Mt. Pico de Loro. Most of us are girls so we hired a local tour guide to accompany us on climbing up the famous mountain. 

Mt. Pico de Loro, also known as Parrot’s Peak is a popular destination for beginner mountaineers.  The tour begins with a forested, rocky roads. I can’t imagine how brave we were when we conquered this exciting hiking adventure. I know it won’t be the last.

» Our Itinerary «

7:00 am - 8:00 am :  Silang to Nasugbu Town Proper

8:00 am - 9:00 am : Nasugbu Town Proper to the Nasugbu-Ternate highway

9:00 am : We started to trek up to the mountain.

12:00 pm : We reached the summit and had a lunch there + photo ops.

1:00 pm : We started to descend.

4:00 pm : We reached the Nasugbu-Ternate highway and rode a tricycle back to town proper.

5:00 pm : We reached the Nasugbu town proper and had a dinner at nearby McDonalds.

7:00 pm : We headed back to Cavite. :)

With our tour guide… Thanks Kuya for helping us! See you next time.

» Tips «

1. Don’t forget to bring small towel, 1-2 litres of bottled water, a pack of lunch, first aid kit, flash light and gloves. Don’t forget to apply sunblock, too.

2. Do a lot of stretching exercises before you hike. (We failed this one and the result was we had 3-4 days body aches after the hike.)

3. Be optimistic and smile often while you are hiking. It will ease your body pain and you won’t notice you are walking and climbing for more than an hour.

4. Don’t forget to bring monopod, camera, phones. The sceneries above the summit is so beautiful!

5. Never skip the chance to climb up the monolith. (We missed this chance because we’re a bit scared when we saw how crooked and steep the road going there. :)

» Our Expenses «

Php 90 / head : Silang, Cavite to Nasugbu, Batangas

Php 100 / head | Php 400 (4 persons) : Nasugbu town proper to Nasugbu-Ternate highway

Php 200 / head | Php 800 (4 persons) : Tour Guide

Php 150 / head / Php 600 (4 persons) : Nasugbu-Ternate highway to Nasugbu town proper

Php 90 / head : Nasugbu town proper to Silang, Cavite

= Php 630 / head (Except for personal expenses like food and etc)

How about you? Have you visited this place? Share your experience.

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