Personal : Looking Back This Year 2014 (Year of the Horse)

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

» February «

>Had my first haircut for this year and also first hair color. For my entire life, I haven’t experience changing my black colored hair into brown hair.

>Traveled to Singapore for a week and 1 day tour to Malaysia.

» March «

>Traveled back to Philippines after a week tour from Singapore.

» April «

>Handled Mobile Development team for a couple of months only.

>Had my first Student Permit driving license.

» May «

>Had Honda Jazz V-Tech car.

» June «

>Daddy traveled to US and visited his parents, his brother and his sister.

» July «

>Had my first Non-Professional Driving License.

» August «

>Celebrated my 22nd Birthday at MOA and Solaire Resort and Casino.

» September «

>Daddy went back to Philippines after 3 months vacation at US.

» November «

>Had out-of-town vacation with family at Canyon Cove.

>Last day at my previous work after 2 years of working.

» December «

>Gained 2 kilos.

>Had another career opportunity. (New Work)

How about you? What happened to you this year (2014)? Share your experience.

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