Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

OPPO: What’s your most memorable experience with a loved one?

Having a younger sister is a wonderful blessing. I can’t imagine myself living without her. She's my best friend and my life as well. As time passes by, I look back at all times we experienced together.

Twinning since we we're young. - 1996

Twinning until we reached our teenage years. - 2008

Sisters' bonding in Boracay. - 2009

The two of us have been intricately intertwined most of our lives. 


The most memorable experience that we'll never forget was...

We travelled to South Korea all by ourselves for a week ! 🎉🎉🎉

I kept my long-time promise to her (since high school years) and brought her to South Korea. 😁

For better or for worse, through joy and sorrow, we will stand by with each other. No matter how old she gets, she is still my little sister. 😁 

A picture serves a memory that will last forever that's why I'm rooting for the new limited edition Oppo F5 Red

With its A.I. beauty recognition technology, I'm pretty sure that our photos will stand out in the most natural way. #OPPOF5 #CaptureTheRealYou 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Product Review: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Lucas' Papaw Ointment has been a rave for many celebrities such as Kim Chiu and Julia Baretto (to name a few). I just discovered it from their bag raid ( with Darla Sauler.

***I'm actually fond of "What's in My Bag" articles and videos since 2011 and started from Cosmo Magazine online. 😅

Without further ado, this product was discovered by Dr. T.P. Lucas in 1906 because he believed that papaw was the finest natural medicine yet discovered. 

Lucas' Papaw Ointment is a petroleum-based product that has antibacterial properties, which can be used to treat minor burns, cuts, insect bites and stings. You can also use it as a lip balm for your cracked lips.

I'm hesitant to purchase it from somewhere else but when I checked the product from BeautyMNL, I gave it a try. You can check out this link if you want to purchase from there. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

I purchased the product yesterday (February 11, Sunday) and I got this product within 24 hours (February 12, Monday) !!! They do accept Cash-on-Delivery but they accept exact amount only and they don't carry a change (ever).

Overall, I love this product! I just used it now as my lip balm before I put my lipstick on. 

How about you? Have you tried the product?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Sunnies Specs Review: Reagan in Rose Gold

My vision is getting worse because of constant exposure to gadgets (computer and phone). I had 50/75 vision when I graduated college year 2012 until year 2016. I had my eye checked last February 2017 and I was shocked when I learned that my vision was not 50/75 anymore instead I have 100/100 vision! It's really shocking but I just accepted the fact. Imagine sitting in front of the computer and working for 8 hours or more. It's really given that I will have this grade.

I took prescription lenses from a certain optical clinic (I don't want to mention though) but unfortunately, it didn't last long. The frames got broken easily. For the record, this specs is my 4th eyeglasses for a span of one year. 😅

Without further ado, I decided to get a prescription eyewear last January 2018 from Sunnies Specs because I want to take care of my eyes. I got it from Alabang Town Center branch because it's near from my office.

All of the lenses are multicoated (anti-glare, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and has UV protection) for the price of Php 1,999.00. But you can upgrade your lenses for a certain price. If you have constant exposure to gadgets, you can opt to upgrade it to Screen Safe. If you like to have a sleek and light lenses, you can opt to upgrade it to Ultrathin. If you want to have a double function (eyeglasses + sunglasses), you can choose to upgrade it to Sun Adaptive. If you want the frames to handle the strains, you can avail the High Impact.

What I love about Sunnies Specs is the eyewear styles are so trendy and very lightweight. They have different styles based on your face shape. How cool, right? I chose Reagan in Rose Gold because I have a square-shaped face. 

To check out the best and right pair for your face, check out this link from Sunnies Specs - Facebook Account.

Having an eyewear without ruining your style is a must, right?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

How about you? Get yours now! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Binge Watching Korean Dramas - Part 2

This post is the part 2 version of my post: More than 20 Korean Dramas I Watched for the Past 3 Years. My other post was ended in September 2017. I can't imagine how I have watched 9 KDramas in a span of 4 months!!! 😅  

Note: I have 1 KDrama on-going, which is A Korean Odyssey: Hwayugi.

It's funny that I have the list on my Notes so I won't miss the episodes. Haha!

After Borg Mom, I have watched the following Korean dramas:

1. The Package (더 패키지)

- Starring Lee Yeon-hee (Yoon So-so) and Jung Yong-hwa (San Ma-roo).

- A story of group of travelers in France with their tour guide. 

- I watched the drama because I want to see the glimpse of France (my dream destination). They traveled to Paris, Rennes, Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel. :)

Release Dates: October 13, 2017 - November 18, 2017
No of Episodes: 12

AsianWiki Rating: 90%

Poster from Wikipedia

2. Black (블랙)

- Starring Song Seung-heon (Han Moo-Gang / Black / Grim Reaper #444), Go Ara (Kang Ha-ram), Lee El (Yoon Soo-wan) and Kim Dong-jun (Oh Man-soo).

- The story of a grim reaper, who ended up on a human body to search for his partner. But eventually, discovered a murder mysteries and fell in love with a human.

- I watched the drama because of Song Seung-heon, who's my crush since Endless Love era w/ Song Hye-Kyo.

Release Dates: October 14, 2017 - December 10, 2017
No of Episodes: 18

AsianWiki Rating: 89%

Poster from Wikipedia

3. Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑)

- Starring Choi Si-won (Byun Hyuk), Kang So-ra (Baek Joon) and Gong Myung (Kwon Je-hoon).

- The story of a third-generation chaebol (Byun Hyuk), eventually changed his life when he met his love (Baek Joon) and discovered his family's secret.

- I watched the drama because of Choi Si-won, who's my crush from Super Junior.

Release Dates: October 14, 2017 - December 3, 2017
No of Episodes: 16

AsianWiki Rating: 89%

Poster from Wikipedia

4. Meloholic

- Starring Jung Yun-ho (Yoo Eun-ho) and Kyung Soo-jin (Han Ye-ri / Han Joo-ri).

- The story of a man, who eventually had a power to read woman's mind once he touches her hand. Then, he fell-in-love with a woman, who has a split personality.

Release Dates: November 6, 2017 - December 5, 2017
No of Episodes: 10

AsianWiki Rating: 88%

Poster from Wikipedia

5. Two Cops (투깝스)

- Starring Jo Jung-suk (Cha Dong-tak / Gong Su-chang), Lee Hye-ri (Song Ji-an) and Kim Seon-ho (Gong Su-chang).

- The story of a detective, who's searching for the criminal that killed his partner. But eventually, he met a con-artist, who inhibits his human body to solve crimes. They ended up fall in love with a rookie reporter.

- I watched the drama because of Jo Jung-suk, whom I watched from Oh, My Ghost.

Release Dates: November 27, 2017 - January 16, 2018
No of Episodes: 32

AsianWiki Rating: 89%

Poster from Wikipedia

6. Oh, The Mysterious (의문의 일승)

- Starring Yoon Kyun-sang (Kim Jong-sam / Oh Il-seung) and Jung Hye-sung (Jin Jin-young).

- The story of a framed ex-convict, who escaped from prison and became a fake detective to search for a million dollar money but eventually, discovered his true identity.

Release Dates: November 27, 2017 - January 30, 2018
No of Episodes: 40

AsianWiki Rating: 90%

Poster from Wikipedia

7. Judge vs. Judge (이판, 사판)

- Starring Park Eun-bin (Lee Jung-joo/Choi Jung-joo), Yeon Woo-jin (Sa Eui-hyeon), Dong Ha (Do Han-joonand Na Hae-ryung (Jin Se-ra).

- The story of a female judge, who fights to prove the innocence of his framed older brother. But eventually, found out a shocking truth. She fell in love with her fellow judge in the end.

Release Dates: November 22, 2017 - January 11, 2018
No of Episodes: 32

AsianWiki Rating: 88%

Poster from Wikipedia

8. I'm Not a Robot (로봇이 아니야)

- Starring Yoo Seung-ho (Kim Min-Kyu), Chae Soo-bin (Jo Ji-ah / Aji 3) and Um Ki-joon (Hong Baek-hyun).

- The story of a man, who has an allergy with human contact. He isolated his life and lived in a mansion. One day, he met a world-renowned genius robotics professor and introduced him to an Android Robot named Aji 3. To please him, they decided to have a contract to test the robot. Unfortunately, the robot was broken and needed to be repaired. The professor then asked his ex-girlfriend Ji-ah to pretend to be a robot while repairing it. In the end, Min Kyu and Ji-ah fell in love with each other.

- I love the drama and it's 5 stars from me! :)

Release Dates: December 6, 2017 - January 25, 2018
No of Episodes: 32

AsianWiki Rating: 92%

Poster from Wikipedia

9. A Korean Odyssey : Hwayugi (화유기)

- Starring  Lee Seung-gi (Son Oh-gong), Cha Seung-won (Woo Ma-wang), Oh Yeon-seo (Ji Seon-mi / Sam Jang), Lee Hong-gi (P.K. / Jeo Pal-gye) and Jang Gwang (Yoon Dae-sik / Sa Oh-jeong).

- The story of an immortal man, who fell in love with a human due to Geumganggo (golden bracelet) and has an ill-gotten fate.

Release Dates: December 23, 2017 - present
No of Episodes: 20

Poster from Wikipedia

How about you? Have you watched them all? Comment down below.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Product Review: Vouchers Haul via Deal Grocer

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Have you heard of Gift VouchersI was browsing the internet when I saw this awesome deal and bought it. However, the delivery is within Metro Manila only and it will took 2-3 business days to get it delivered. Don't forget to present your valid ID upon claiming through their courier.

What's about this deal? (Description was taken from Deal Grocer)
  • Take a well-deserved breather out of town at Taal Vista Hotel. Take in gorgeous panoramic views of the Taal Lake Volcano with P500 Worth of Food & Drinks to enjoy at the Lobby Lounge.
  • Perched right on Tagaytay’s windy ridge and with a beautifully landscaped garden, this elegant space is perfect for catch-ups over coffee, casual lunches with friends, and business meetings.
  • By day, the elegant Lobby Lounge—designed in Tudor-style architecture—is gloriously lit by sunlight streaming through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which overlook sprawling gardens and the spectacular Taal Lake.
  • At night, it exudes a warm cozy ambiance perfect for relaxing beside the stone fireplace as you listen to live performances and savor bestselling dishes from a specially-curated menu selection paired with signature drinks.
  • Sample delicacies like Crispy Taal Lake Tawilis, small freshwater fish native to the area that are lightly breaded, deep-fried to a crisp, and served with a special dipping sauce and crispy kangkong; or crowd-favorite comfort food like Thin Crust Pizza.
  • For the sweet tooth, the Volcano Eruption—an oven-baked, dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with ice cream—will have you raving over its decadence.
  • Boasting of first-class amenities, delicious food offerings, impeccable service, and an unrivaled panorama of one of the country’s most breathtaking sights right in your backyard, this timeless destination promises the ultimate Tagaytay experience for that quick escape you’ve been dreaming of. Best of all, it's only a couple hours away from the metro.
  • A trip to Tagaytay is never complete without a stopover at this sought-after destination. Go on, take that road trip breather and redeem this steal as early as this week! This offer is valid 'til February 2018.

How Did I Buy this Voucher(s)?

There are many ways to pay the deals here. You can pay via Deal Grocer credits, credit card, online banking, or over-the-counter. I bought vouchers via BDO online banking and it was a smooth transaction.

The Vouchers

Here are the 7 vouchers that I bought:

I love the voucher's design: simple and elegant! It's perfect as a gift for your loved ones, right?

I will update and post here my experience once I availed their service.  :)

How about you? Have you purchased vouchers from DealGrocer? How was your experience?