Saturday, December 29, 2018

Korean Dramas I Watched on 4th Quarter of 2018

Annyeong! The last time I posted about Korean dramas was last September 2018. For the last 3 months (4th quarter) of 2018. Guess how many I watched since then?

Lo and behold, I watched 9 Korean dramas for the span of 3 months! But there are 5 K-dramas that are still ongoing.

Without further ado, below are the K-dramas I watched and currently watching this 4th quarter of the year:

1. The Third Charm

- Starring Seong Kang-joon (On Joon-young) and Esom (Lee Young-jae).

Release Dates: September 28 - November 17, 2018
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic comedy

2. The Beauty Inside

- Starring Seo Hyun-jin (Han Se-gye), Lee Min-ki (Seo Do-jae), Lee Da-hee (Kang Sa-ra) and Ahn Jae-hyun (Ryu Eun-ho).

Release Dates: October 1 - November 20, 2018
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance

3. Where Stars Land

- Starring Lee Je-hoon (Lee Soo-yeon)Chae Soo-bin (Han Yeo-reum), Lee Dong-gun (Seo In-woo) and Kim Ji-soo (Yang Seo-koon).

Release Dates: October 1 - November 26, 2018
No of Episodes: 32
Genre: Romance and Melodrama

4. Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

- Starring Moon Chae-won (Sun Ok-nam)Yoon Hyun-min (Jung Yi-hyun / Immortal Izy / Deer), Seo Ji-hoon (Kim Geum / Immortal Daube / Bausae), Jeon Soo-jin (Lee Ham-sook) and Kang Mi-na (Jeom Soon-yi).

Release Dates: November 5 - December 25, 2018
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Fantasy and Comedy

5. The Last Empress

- Starring Jang Na-ra (Oh Sunny)Choi Jin-hyuk (Na Wang-sik / Chun Woo-bin), Shin Sung-rok (Emperor Lee Hyuk), Lee Elijah (Min Yoo-ra) and Shin Eun-kyung (Empress Dowager Kang).

Release Dates: November 21 - present
No of Episodes: 48
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Romance and Comedy

6. Clean With Passion For Now

- Starring Kim Yoo-jung (Gil Oh-sol), Yoon Kyun-sang (Jang Seon-kyul) and Song Jae-rim (Choi Ha-in / Daniel Choi)

Release Dates: November 26 - present
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic comedy

7. Encounter / Boyfriend

- Starring Song Hye-kyo (Cha Soo-hyun) and Park Bo-gum (Kim Jin-hyuk)

Release Dates: November 28 - present
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance and Melodrama

8. Memories of Alhambra

- Starring Hyun Bin (Yoo Jin-woo), Park Shin-hye (Jung Hee-joo / Emma) and Park Hoon (Cha Hyung-seok)

Release Dates: December 1 - present
No of Episodes: 16
Genre: Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-fi, Romance and Melodrama

9. My Strange Hero

- Starring Yoo Seung-ho (Kang Bok-soo), Jo Bo-ah (Son Soo-jung) and Kwak Dong-yeon (Oh Se-ho)

Release Dates: December 10 - present
No of Episodes: 32
Genre: Romantic comedy

How about you? What K-dramas have you watched this year? Share it here. :)

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